I am looking for MSc and PhD students to join the lab.  Prospective garduate students must be enthusiastic, hard working, reliable, and willing to learn new techniques and approaches, and have an interest in global change biology, genomics, bioinformatics, populations genetics, or ecological niche modeling.

Example PhD projects:

Example MSc projects:
  • Reproductive strategy of the desert horned lizard in response to climate change (approaches: museum specimen disection, statistics)
  • Diversification and niche evolution in Oidipodinae grasshoppers (approaches: phylogenetics, bioinformatics, GIS, niche modeling).
  • Post-glacial range expansion in North American mammals (data mining, bioinformatics and GIS analyses).

If interested, send the following information to [email protected]:
a) cover letter explaining your research interests and expertise
b) current curriculum vitae
​c) contacts for three references